Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mysterious Ways

I'm such a blogosphere dork. A cyber-loser. I have no idea what I'm doing and I can't figure out how to work my blog. I just want to put that out there to explain why my blog is so visually, well, LAME. There are weird spacing issues that I can't control. I also can't find a template that really suits the blog. I know I write ridiculously long posts and so I want something wider than what I have. And finally, I really want a cool name design like all the other blogs I like, but despite my ability to put pen (and brush) to paper (or canvas), I don't have the foggiest idea how to do anything on a computer. Just wanted you all to know. I'm not happy with the status quo, but that's what it is. M'kay?

On another note, unrelated to weddings or blogs or anything really, I got my house cleaned today (yes, I plunked down $80 and paid someone else to clean the grout in the tiles of my tub, and I work hard during the week, so don't judge me!) and I have to admit, my whole life just seems better now. Having a tidy, clean house just makes me feel like I can do anything! I am the model of efficiency right now. Making lists, paying bills, not crying because things seem overwhelming - my my, this might just be a whole new chapter in my life!

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Meg said...

I hear you. It took me a while, and MAKING the fiance eff around with the HTML, which he loovvveeeddd by the way. And then I hired my friend do draw tiny versions of me, which was awesome. But yeah blogger, really, with the cr*ppy templates? Ugh.