Friday, June 13, 2008

B(la)h, The Note That Follows So-So

So now we're on to Plan C. Actually, it was more like Plan Bb or Plan b because while all of the hotel rigamarole (yikes, is there a spell check on this thing?) was going on, I was already trying to think of a back-up venue (so Plan baby b was really a complement to Plan Big B). So I thought to myself - what venue could be cost-efficient, tropical, and have some sort of special meaning to me and Mr. F? So obviously I started emailing and calling venues in FLORIDA like a madwoman.

Have I mentioned that Mr. F and I got engaged in Florida? Oh, and I lived there for about a decade as a kid. So, it was actually quite a natural choice - especially since at this point in our story, we were still planning for a January wedding.

Unfortunately, Plan Florida was met with resistence. Those family members who were all for the BVI destination wedding, were suddenly less-than-excited. I shall not name names (MOM) but some people (MOM) begged Enraged & Engaged not to have (MOM) a wedding in Florida (MOM) because it didn't make "sense" to have an event so far away, when Florida is really "just like the east coast and people wouldn't understand why we were doing it there and we would have to invite more people than we would have for BVI." [I swear, these words were spoken. Or very similar words. Or some words, that in my mind, sounded a lot like these words. Or their essence. MOM.]

Clearly, you can guess what happened. I folded. Like a house of cards. A very teary-eyed and tired house of cards. In hindsight, I think that if Plan baby b wasn't on the heels of the collapse (or imminent collapse) of Plan Big B, I might have fought with more gusto (which, I have to say is a favorite word of mine - sort of conjures eating italian food or a cajun gumbo on a very cold day...and yeah yeah, I get it - it's robusto, gumbo, and gust all mixed together in my crazy little head and shuffled up with my ever-welcoming-and-perpetually-rumbling stomach). Where was I? YES. Fighting with gusto. I didn't. Instead, I yielded to the demands of OTHERS that I discontinue my Florida search because that location did not make sense as the venue for MY wedding. Because after I, what do I know about what's best for me?

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Cindy said...

I am trying very hard not to be angry that certain elements of my family (MOM) tell me (MOM) that I am being so difficult (MOM) in insisting on having my wedding where I live and not at place that would be more convenient to travel to for said elements (MOM).

So, thank you for this blog. Because I have been starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me that I have not transformed into the rah-rah wedding fairy princess.